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Brendan Rodgers Has Bad News For Manchester United Over James Maddison

(Credit: Forbes)

(Credit: Forbes)

The last couple of years have been pretty rough for Manchester United, a team that has struggled to live up to its history since Sir Alex Ferguson called it a day and left home.

And while the team is in no financial trouble at all and could sign pretty much every player they wanted, they've also been struggling to get some deals done throughout the course of the last couple of seasons.

That's why it isn't a surprise to see Brendan Rodgers snubbing the Red Devils over their interest in James Maddison, one of the most promising and entertaining players of the English Premier League.

According to the former Liverpool and Celtic manager, Leicester City isn't interested in letting go of Maddison in January or any time soon, regardless of the offer that may come from Old Trafford:

"There's no pressure to sell and no need to sell. James is a very talented player and he will be here in January and beyond. He's a player we're keen to remain here and help us on this journey over the next years. James and his representatives are speaking with the club and these things take time," Rodgers told the media, as quoted by Sky Sports.

Leicester City has thrived thanks to his playmaking and he's even scored 9 goals this season to earn a spot in Gareth Southgate's England team.

The Foxes are currently sitting at the 2nd spot of the English Premier League table trailing only Liverpool and they're not interested in letting go of any of their talents. As a matter of fact, they actually want to bring in some new faces to keep up their great season, as per Rodgers:


It looks like Manchester United will have to dig deep in the market if they want to acquire some help in this transfer window, as Maddison is just not going to be a Red Devil, at least for the time being.