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Brescia President In The Eye Of The Storm After Unfortunate 'Joke' On Mario Balotelli

Credit: EPA

Credit: EPA

Mario Balotelli hasn’t been living his best hours as a Brescia player and things have gotten worse for the striker, who is getting ‘jokes’ instead of support by the club’s president, Massimo Celino.

Balotelli was subjected to a disgusting racist 'joke' after Cellino claimed the striker's problem was that he is 'black' and he's trying to 'clear himself'. About three weeks ago Mario was racially abused by fans of Hellas Verona, during Brescia's away game, with the striker kicking the ball into the crowd in protest.

Last week, the 29-year-old reportedly stormed out of training after an argument with manager Fabio Grosso. On Monday club president Cellino was asked what was wrong with the Italy international, with the president 'joking,' "What can I tell you? He's black and he is working on clearing himself."

This comes after Cellino had blamed the training ground bust up on the racist abuse last week, and Balotelli's ability to handle it, saying:

"I wasn't there. Grosso didn't call me; I have to assume that there aren't any problems. Anyway, Mario hasn't been smiling since Verona."

Before this, even Brescia’s fans released a statement that didn’t do much to help Mario. It looked like they were taking Verona’s side more than anything.

If this is the support he’s getting, we can’t imagine what would happen if he didn’t play for Brescia. Still, authorities in Italy need to take actual action and try and stop the racism problem in football and society in general.