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Chelsea Legend Opens Up About Their Desire To Sign Krzysztof Piatek

(Credit: Marca)

(Credit: Marca)

The English Premier League's transfer window is about to close three days from now, so a lot of teams are working overtime to try and get some deals done.

One of the teams that are reportedly set to be extremely active on their pursuit of new talents is Chelsea, with Krzysztof Piatek as their alleged target.

So, former Blue legend Pat Nevin opened up about the possibility of them signing the AC Milan standout striker:

“Piatek would have been one of my first options a year ago, so I believe they are ‘all over’ the available players in the market that Frank Lampard has been interested in," Nevin told Chelsea's official website.

However, the former winger claimed that the team must be wary of some deals that may seem too good to be true, comparing the last day of the transfer window with the Black Friday:

“The last day of the window has much in common with those Black Friday sales. The moment you get back in the house having half-emptied your bank account, you realize those alternative purchases you panic-bought were nothing like the single thing you had your heart set on originally.

This is why it is important to have a clear head and not get caught up in the madness this week. Have a plan and stick to it if you can," Nevin said.

Moreover, the Scottish legend said the team must be aware of all the little things that could end up taking a toll on the team's locker room when they look to sign a new player, including their wages:

“Another danger of panic buying is that everything hasn’t been considered, such as the player’s attitude, his fitness and the likelihood of him fitting in with the group. If you get a player who is on a big wage, maybe even bigger than your current players, it can cause discontentment.

If he then doesn’t play every week after arriving and the players already there see him getting paid more than them for sitting on the bench or in the stands, then expect a few knocks on the door and demands for renewed upgraded contracts. They will understandably demand, at the very least, parity of pay," he concluded.

Chelsea have been a pleasant surprise so far this season and Frank Lampard has proven to be a competent boss, so adding a couple of pieces in this transfer window could take them even farther this season.