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Chiellini Says Cristiano Ronaldo Has Filled Buffon's Void

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ever since announcing that they were keen on signing Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus became an even scarier team than they were over the last decade, where they completely dominated the Serie A.

The Portuguese star was known for his goal scoring abilities and his competitiveness, and even at his age, he's still getting a lot of praise from his colleagues.

Giorgio Chiellini, for starters, didn't hesitate to laud the striker and even came far enough to state that he had filled the void left by Gianluigi Buffon amid his departure to PSG.

The veteran stopper is thrilled with Ronaldo's performances and work ethic so far, adding that the former Real Madrid standout was leading the team towards "new limits".

“The arrival of Cristiano is important because it filled the void left by Buffon in terms of his personality or as an example to follow in the dressing room. Because of Ronaldo, aside from what he does on the pitch - and only a crazy person would question him because he scores goals and creates them - has been important for us because he has been an example on how to better ourselves. After many years dominating in Italy, we could assume we'd reached our maximum, but thanks to Cristiano, we are doing even more than we thought we could - searching for new limits. We have reached two Champions League finals but, in order to carry on growing, we needed the best," Chiellini told Marca ahead of their UEFA Champions League clash vs Atletico Madrid.

Ronaldo has already led both Manchester United and Real Madrid to Champions League trophies, and he'll look to add more silverware to an already incredible career with la Vecchia Signora.