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Cristiano Ronaldo Hints At Possible Retirement


There are few players that could brag about having a career as good as the career Cristiano Ronaldo has had so far. 5-time UEFA Champions League winner, 5-time Ballon d'Or winner, 2-time FIFA The Best award winner, 5-time Golden Boot winner, 5-time UEFA Champions League leading scorer, and many more accolades round up his resume to put him right at the top of the GOAT conversation.

Thus, maintaining motivation to keep competing may be kind of complicated for a guy that has already won almost everything he's played and that has succeeded at every club he's ever been.

Even so, the world was completely shaken when Cristiano Ronaldo hinted at a possible retirement next season when asked about when he intended to hang the cleats and call it a day:

"I don't think about that. Maybe I can finish my career next year... but I can also play up to 40 or 41. I don't know. What I always say is to enjoy the moment. The gift is excellent and I have to continue to enjoy it," Ronaldo told TVI.

The Portuguese forward is well aware of his accolades and knows there aren't many players in the world that could live up to his standards, suggesting his motivation to play lays on breaking more records than everybody else:

"Are there any football players who have more records than me?. I don't think there are any footballers who have more records than me," Ronaldo added.

Cristiano isn't the most predictable guy in the world, as he took us all by surprise when he announced he was leaving Real Madrid to join Juventus a couple of seasons ago, even though most people saw that as a step back on his career.

Still, we can all be sure that he won't retire until he's won another UEFA Champions League, after vowing to lead the Old Lady to the European trophy this year or the next one.