Paul Pogba Blames Cristiano Ronaldo And Messi For His Critics

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Paul Pogba

It looks like Paul Pogba has had enough with all of the criticism he's getting at Manchester United, and he went as far as pointing Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the guys to blame for all the harsh treatment he's getting from fans and media.

According to the World Cup winner, fans are never going to be truly satisfied because of the impossible standards Cristiano and Messi have set for the rest of players, even though he's had a great season when you look at his stats.

Pogba has scored a career-high 16 goals to go along with 11 assists this season, yet Manchester United supporters continue to question his commitment and ability to lead the team to success. That's why he thinks he would've been treated a lot better if he had played a decade ago, but Messi and Ronaldo have pretty much ruined it for everyone else:

“Football has changed a lot. I grew up watching the exploits of great champions, real legends like (Alessandro) Del Piero, (Luis) Figo, (Francesco) Totti and many others. All have been champions, the best in the world, but perhaps many of them did not achieve more than 20 goals per season. Now the data, the statistics, the numbers, often seem to have become the only parameter of judgment. That, on the one hand, is good, it is part of the evolution of modern football and the desire to play the ball more and more. But we often tend to forget how difficult it has always been to score more than 20 goals, even for the big players. And today perhaps even more so, because the distance between the teams of high level has been reduced, especially in big competitions. Messi and Ronaldo have shown in recent years: doing what they did, maintaining those stats – that is the exception, not the norm," Pogba told Icon Magazine.

In all fairness, 16 goals and 11 assists for a midfielder would be outstanding numbers for any player, but United fans demand nothing but the best from their players, especially considering the legends that have worn that uniform in the past.

As for Pogba, he's more than likely to force a move out of the team in the summer, as he hasn't been comfortable at Old Trafford in quite some time.