Cristiano Ronaldo Shows Off New Look In Training, Gets Trolled On Social Media

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Credit: TW/sporf

Credit: TW/sporf

Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to start the new year the best way, showing a new hairstyle in the Juventus training session this week. CR7 has gone for the short trim on the back and sides but has left it long with a topknot as it’s not something we’ve seen from him before.

Obviously, this is a way to start the year the best possible manner after a tumultuous first half of the season with the Bianconeri. Well, we hope he has a better response on the pitch than on social media, as fans didn’t miss the chance to troll Cristiano and his new style.

It’s not like he will be affected by the comments, but some of them are very fun. Cristiano is a man who can try ridiculous things and people will make fun of him before copying him. This might be another case, but it’s not like we haven’t seen that hairstyle before.

If he starts netting goals like his older self, perhaps Ronaldo will stay with his look longer than many would expect.