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A True Teammate: Cristiano Ronaldo Mentors Paulo Dybala Over Potential Manchester United Move

Cristiano Ronaldo Paulo Dybala Juventus

When Cristiano Ronaldo completed his shocking move to Juventus, everybody thought that could either help Paulo Dybala become a superstar or he'd have a tough time finding playing time and scoring goals.

Needless to say, it looks like it's been more the second option than the first, as the Argentinean struggled all season long with Cristiano Ronaldo carrying most of the load up front for the Italian champions.

Hence, there's been a lot of speculation regarding Dybala's future, especially now that the Bianconeri have also welcomed back Gonzalo Higuain following his brief stint with Chelsea.

There have been several teams interested in Dybala's services, with Manchester United at the top of the list trying to orchestrate a swap that would send Romelu Lukaku to Turin.

And according to the Daily Mail, Dybala reportedly reached out to Cristiano Ronaldo and asked him for advice over that potential move to Old Trafford.

As per the report, Cristiano encouraged him to pack his bags and join the Red Devils, claiming his time at Old Trafford helped him "become a Champion".

Dybala and Ronaldo have developed nice rapport and built a strong relationship, but Dybala's struggles to find playing time has taken a toll on his development and his potential to become Argentina's starting striker.

Therefore, he could benefit a lot from joining Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's dynamic and mobile offense with Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford and his playing style is tailor-made for the English Premier League.

However, the Daily Mail also reported he's demanding a £350k ($425k) weekly wage, a salary that would make him the second-highest paid in the Premier League after Mesut Ozil.

Hopefully, Cristiano's advice will be enough to help Dybala's lessen his financial expectations, as making a move out of Juventus will help him take a step forward on his career.