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Dani Ceballos Compared Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang To Cristiano Ronaldo


Arsenal put together a well-round team this summer as they look to make it back to the top 4 of the league this season, adding talented players of the likes of Nicolas Pepe.

However, it has been Dani Ceballos the one to make the strongest impact so far for the Gunners, as the former Real Madrid midfielder has settled in perfectly at North London.

Ceballos claimed there's not much difference between Arsenal and Real Madrid, and went on to laud the competition, the club, and even the British capital:

“I love the city, I love the Premier League and love Arsenal. I’m just really, really happy to be part of this great club. I’ve hardly noticed any difference in size between Real Madrid and Arsenal. And the fans are very passionate, they love the players. It’s much easier to adapt because they make you feel like you’ve been at the club forever. I love the way everyone’s treated me. They’ve put a lot of faith in me," the Spaniard told The Guardian.

However, Ceballos didn't stop there, as he continued to make some bold claims about Arsenal and his players, even going as far as to compare Aubameyang with Cristiano Ronaldo, even though he doesn't think he's the best player on the team:

“We've got a very good, compact side and the three up front really make the difference. You can compare Aubameyang to Cristiano when he was at Madrid in the sense that he plays close to the goal he lives for scoring. He's very important for us, fundamental. (Nicolas) Pepe is very direct. And Lacazette, for me, is the best player: he understands the game perfectly and, if he's 100 percent, he's going to give us so much. Fitting all the players together must heat up the manager’s head. I don’t think the míster repeated an XI in four games, which keeps us alert," he concluded.

There are some few similarities between Aubameyang and Ronaldo, but that's definitely a huge reach from Ceballos. Still, it's nice to see him so motivated with his new club and trying to get his teammates hyped ahead of a very tough season.