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Dele Alli Claims Heung-min Son 'Devastated' After Injuring Andre Gomes

(Credit: Getty Images)

(Credit: Getty Images)

Tottenham's Heung-min Son challenged Everton's Andre Gomes during their Sunday night clash without knowing he'd put his whole career in jeopardy, as he caused him one of the most gruesome injuries we've seen on a soccer pitch.

Son challenged him from behind and crushed his ankle, with the former Barcelona player clearly in a lot of pain and being carted off the pitch with all the players in disbelief.

The Korean was clearly affected by the injury he had caused and shed some tears on the pitch, but, according to Dele Alli, things escalated quickly in the locker room as guilt hit him after the match:

“I didn’t want to look too much at what happened (to Gomes). All I can do is send him my best wishes and wish him a quick recovery. Son is devastated, he’s in tears but it’s not his fault. He’s one of the nicest people you would want to meet and he’s not like that. He can’t even lift his head up he’s crying that much in the dressing room," Alli told Sky Sports.

Son clearly didn't mean to hurt his rival but was sent off anyway by the referee, something that shouldn't have happened, at least according to former players Jamie Carragher and Gary Lineker, who had Son's back following that terrible incident:

"If you give a red card for that, every challenge is endangering the safety of an opponent. We didn’t want to show it on the replay but I could see it in front of me. He actually gets injured in between the two challenges in some ways, and the Son challenge does force him to fall as his leg, unfortunately, gets stuck underneath him just before Aurier comes in.

I think in the future of this game and on the back of this injury, I don’t think it’s a red card for Son but maybe in the future, if anyone makes a challenge when they know they can’t win the ball, which is what Son has done, I think that may be the next step that we take the game in terms of red cards," Carragher told Sky Sports.

Lineker, on the other hand, took to his Twitter account defend Son by claiming he shouldn't be given a red card and that he obviously never meant to hurt anybody:

“Son clearly massively upset. Without the injury he wouldn’t have been shown a red card. He’ll care less about that than injuring a fellow professional so seriously. Such a shame," Lineker wrote.