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Edinson Cavani Fuels Controversy By Confirming Beef With Lionel Messi

(Credit: 20 Minutos)

(Credit: 20 Minutos)

Every time two countries with such a huge history crash in the pitch, everybody expects players to be at their best, even if they're playing a friendly matchup.

That's why no one was surprised to see Edinson Cavani go at it with Lionel Messi during Argentina's clash vs. Uruguay in Israel a couple of days ago.

Cavani reportedly told Messi "Do you want to fight?" with the Argentinean replying "Whenever you want, whenever you want", and staying in front of him to try and start a physical confrontation.

Obviously, things didn't escalate as both players were comforted by their teammates, with both teams splitting the glory with a 2-2 tie at the end of the day.

However, people started talking about the alleged beef between the South American superstars and social media was flooded by memes and videos of the confrontation, something that only got worse after Cavani confirmed that he, in fact, dared Messi to fight:

"Yes, that's Soccer. That's what the Clasico matches (between Argentina and Uruguay) are like. That's soccer," the Paris Saint-Germain standout told the press, as quoted by La Nacion.

Both players scored in the game and left it all in the pitch, as these neighbors countries share a huge history on and off the pitch and no one wanted to give an edge.

Moreover, that's yet another example of the 'new Messi', who's stepped up as a more vocal leader instead of shying away from the confrontations as he did for most of his career.

Messi was heavily criticized in his homeland for his lack of character with the national team, so now, he tries to step and dare everybody whenever he has the chance of doing so.

And, while it doesn't look real and we all know that's just not his nature, at least fans are glad to see their captain willing to take a punch for his team.