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Emiliano Sala's Plane Still Missing And It's Not Looking Good

Emiliano Sala's Plane Still Missing And It's Not Looking Good

The whole world is watching and praying, but we're getting less and less optimistic by the second.

Sadly, the plane that was supposed to take Emiliano Sala, FC Cardiff's most expensive signing ever, from France to Wales, has gone missing since 16:30 local time.

Despite the authorities' biggest efforts, the private jet is nowhere to be found and John Fitzgerald's, Channel Islands Air Search Chief Officer, comments on the matter are far from encouraging.

"I don't think they're still alive (...) If they are really underwater, I would tell you there is no chance. (...) I find it difficult to think that they could have done anything other than a sea-landing, or at least touching the water somehow", Fitzgerald told Get Football News earlier in the day, but they won't stop searching, at least for the time being.

Frederic Solano of France's Directorate General for Civil Aviation told CNN that Emiliano Sala' name was on the list of passengers.

"There was no distress call, it was simply lost from radar and from communications," Captain David Barker, harbormaster for the state of Guernsey, told reporters.

"It is possible that the aircraft has diverted somewhere else but we are continuing a search if in the unfortunate event it has actually ditched into the sea.

"The weather conditions are better now but the sea water is not very warm. I'm imagining that people in a light aircraft wouldn't be wearing particularly warm clothing and so it is concerning because if they're in the water their chances of surviving are diminishing all the time."

The Argentinian striker was coming off a great year, scoring 12 years for Ligue 1 side FC Nantes, and was bound to join FC Cardiff to try and help them avoid relegation from England's top-tier tournament.