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Ernesto Valverde Knows He Could Lose His Job Over Embarrassing UCL Exit

(Creedit: Getty Images)

(Creedit: Getty Images)

Barcelona's boss Ernesto Valverde has faced a lot of harsh criticism, as the Blaugrana completely shot themselves in the foot by blowing a 3-goal lead over Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals against Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool.

Klopp completely out-coached and out-smarted the Spaniard from the very start, but the Catalans were way more accurate during the first leg of the semi-finals. Still, the Reds were able to beat the odds even without Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino, and Naby Keita.

Now, Valverde is well aware of the fact that he might as well be heading out the door after being knocked out of the UCL twice in two years with very similar embarrassing performances, even if the team winds up winning La Liga and the Copa del Rey.

"How does it affect my future? I do not know, the truth is that I did not have time to think about many things, but the coach has to take responsibility. An incredible goal has taken us out of the tie. When I looked, the ball was already coming in. We were happy with the strategic situations because there they are a great team, but in a surprising play that I did not see, they scored. I did not see the play clearly, I guess we were not watching and they were ready," he told the media following his team's loss.

Valverde knows Barca supporters aren't quite fond of his coaching ways, but he went on to claim that he's doing his best to try and live up to the expectations that come with being in charge of a team like Barcelona:

"Everything we do and everything we play is always to please the fans so that they are proud of the players. In this football, what happens is that everyone expects to win always and there are times when we lose. When we lose, we have had to do it painfully. We have not lost until now and we are out. In this story, we are all together," he concluded.

Josep Maria Bartomeu has a lot of thinking to do and it's clear that Valverde wasn't their first choice to take the reins of the team, but at least the team won't go empty-handed this season.