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Fabio Capello Suggests Frank Lampard Could Be England's Coach In The Future

(Credit: Football London)

(Credit: Football London)

Chelsea were dealt a major blow last season, as FIFA handed them a transfer ban for breaking some rules regarding the signing of underage players.

Therefore, the Blues were pretty much forced to keep all their players and dig deep in their academy to find some talented youngsters that could contribute with the first team.

Moreover, things were even more complicated as Maurizio Sarri was bound to leave the club to coach Juventus, so they had to turn to Frank Lampard.

Lampard was a Chelsea legend but didn't have that much coaching experience under his belt, so it was a major gamble by Roman Abramovich and company.

However, things have paid off so far for the Blues, as they've found some diamonds in the rough on their academy and are currently tied for the 2nd spot in the English Premier League table.

That's why former England boss Fabio Capello thinks there's no reason why Lampard wouldn't follow his steps and coach the national team one day:

"I don't know. Probably ... because he can do it. He understands everything and has started without fear and put young players on the pitch. "I follow him. I watch all the games and I was upset when he started the season and he lost two games and the team didn't play well. Now, the results are good and the position is really good and without the (transfer) market," Capello told Sky Sports.

Lampard has completely turned around things at Stamford Bridge after a couple of years of struggles, and it doesn't look like he'd be interested in replacing Gareth Southgate, at least for the time being.

However, given his brain and feel for the game, there's no reason he'd be a successful coach for any team, so perhaps he'll decide to take Capello's advice and, one day, lead the Three Lions to a World Cup trophy.