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Fabio Capello Takes A Major Shot At Cristiano Ronaldo's Form

Credit: Sky Sports

Credit: Sky Sports

There's no doubt in Cristiano Ronaldo's talent and determination, but his character has earned him a lot of detractors throughout the year.

That's why it wasn't much of a surprise to see him throw a major tantrum after being substituted for the second straight game, going directly to the tunnel and reportedly leaving the stadium before the end of the match.

Therefore, Fabio Capello, a former Juventus manager, was pretty harsh with his words towards the Portuguese superstar, claiming he hasn't dribbled past an opponent in years and criticizing his attitude:

"I didn't like this, it wasn't nice. He must be a champion even when he comes off the pitch. The truth is that Cristiano Ronaldo hasn't dribbled (past) an opponent for three years.

I did the La Liga commentary when he usually took the double step and left you there. Inside him is a super-champion, the best of all, but now there is Dybala and Douglas Costa, who made two sensational goals. Dybala in excellent condition can make the difference, as can Douglas Costa," Capello told Sky Sports Italia.

Moreover, Capello had Sarri's back over substituting Cristiano Ronaldo, while also lauding Juventus for not depending on the former Real Madrid star to get the job done:

"They win games without Ronaldo. Juve seemed dependent on him, instead, the great squad and the quality of the players help them win anyway. Bravo Sarri, who had the courage to take him off, it takes personality, especially thinking that all the players in the squad can play and make a difference.

Cristiano did it for a while, but now it's not him and he must recover - especially on a physical level. He does not have the speed and dynamism he has shown at other times," he concluded.

Cristiano has seen his form take a slight dip over the last month and he hasn't made the same impact he did earlier in the season, but there's no doubt he'll turn things around in no time.

However, leaving the stadium before full time was a major disrespect towards his team, coach, and teammates, so we'll see how this story pans out for the superstar.