Fan Creates Thread Proving Liverpool Haven’t Been Favored By VAR

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Credit: PA Images

Credit: PA Images

Liverpool have been under the storm in recent days, following some VAR decisions that affected their rivals. We saw another incident on Sunday, where Wolverhampton were disallowed a goal for a nonexistent offside as well as a play where Virgil van Dijk allegedly used his arms to control the ball before Liverpool scored the first goal of the game.

‘#LiVARpool’ was trending on Twitter on Sunday after the game, with plenty of fans claiming this Premier League was rigged for Liverpool to win it.

However, a couple of hours later, Twitter user '@HopeThisHelpsFC' needed to compose a thread reminding fans that Liverpool have had decisions go against them this season.

Although other fans tend to point out at Liverpool for this, they haven’t seen the only ones affected by VAR controversial decisions. If you ask anybody in England, they would tell you the general consensus is that VAR is not working.

Even former player Gary Lineker created a poll on Twitter, with 71% of people voting against VAR.