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Former Liverpool Star Says Jurgen Klopp Could Leave Club Before Contract Ends

Credit: LFC

Credit: LFC

Jurgen Klopp is doing a great job managing Liverpool, taking the Reds to become one of the strongest forces in European football. Nobody can imagine the German boss in a different place than Anfield, but according to a former Liverpool player, that could happen in the next 18 months.

According to Jason McAteer, Klopp could leave Liverpool after he delivers a long-awaited Premier League title in the most demanding of roles. Jurgen just signed a new contract last year that’s set to run through 2024. Everyone at Merseyside wants Klopp to honor that deal after the impressive results the team has had under his direction.

However, McAteer feels there is a chance for the German tactician to leave his job within the next 18 months. If fans start asking for the same run the team is having right now every season, it will be hard to retain the boss. It’s impossible to maintain that pace, as not even Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona or Manchester City were able to do so.

“He has a team around him, Melwood is locked down, you can’t get into it. It’s the hub,” McAteer told beIN Sports.

“No [I wouldn’t be surprised if he walks away]. It wouldn’t surprise me, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. I just think there’s burnout.

“The passion he puts into it, the effort he puts into it, it’s all the time.

“I’ve been on tour with them before, he can’t move. He can’t go out the hotel, he’s meeting potential partners, he’s going to dinners, they’re putting things on, it’s constant.

“The partnership side of the club, when they come in and they want something, they want to get their name out there, who do they put on the front?

“Out of all the players, first it’s [Mohamed] Salah, then it’s Klopp. Before [Roberto] Firmino, before [Virgil] van Dijk, before [Sadio] Mane, it’s Klopp.”

Right now Liverpool are focused on winning the longed-for Premier League title, and they look closer to reach that goal every day. There is still time to see whether Klopp lives something that leads him to leave Anfield in the next year and a half.