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Former Liverpool Striker Claims The Reds Won't Win A Title This Season

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Despite being one of the biggest clubs in the world, Liverpool haven't won the English Premier League since it's called that way, with their last league trophy coming in the 1989/90 season.

The Reds have come close to the trophy a couple of times over the last 5 years, first with Brendan Rodgers with the infamous Steven Gerard slip, and then last year with Jurgen Klopp.

However, the EPL trophy kept eluding Liverpool, and, according to former red striker El Hadji Diouf, that's exactly what's going to happen again next season:

“I don’t see them doing as well as they did last season. They had the chance to win the league title; they had it in their hands and then let it slip. They were seven points ahead around Christmas – how Manchester City got it, in the end, beats my mind. As they say in England, I think they bottled it.

If you have only one defeat in a whole season, surely you can’t say that you didn’t win the league – so it’s hard for me to imagine them having such a similar season and coming out as champions. Manchester City will be the team to beat once again," the Senegalese forward told FourFourTwo.

Diouf left Liverpool in very bad terms following a couple of mediocre seasons at Anfield, so it's no wonder to see him take shots at his former club.

He's constantly bashed The Reds for the way they treated him back in the day, and went on to reveal that he could've joined Real Madrid or Barcelona instead:

“I’ve never hidden the fact that Liverpool didn’t treat me right and that they cherished some players better than me, even though I’d arrived with a better profile. Sometimes, reporters will never get what goes on in the club and in the dressing room.

Don’t get me wrong: the club is run very well now, based on what I hear from Sadio Mane, but I feel I was seen as an outsider back then. The upsetting thing is that Real Madrid and Barcelona had offered me more money, but I really wanted to go to Liverpool – and it ended up being one of my worst experiences," Diouf concluded.

So, perhaps he's a bit biased and his words should be taken with a grain of salt, but truth to be told, Liverpool will have a very difficult path ahead of them if they want to finally put an end to their Premier League curse.