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Frank Lampard Fires Back At Jose Mourinho For Claiming He Turned His Back On Chelsea

(Credit: Daily Mail)

(Credit: Daily Mail)

Not so long ago, Jose Mourinho took a shot at Frank Lampard for joining Manchester City after reaching the highest level with Chelsea, claiming his legacy with the club would be tarnished forever and his 'love story' with the Blues would come to an end after he scored for the Citizens vs. Chelsea.

However, he also claimed he would never manage a club like Tottenham due to his past at Chelsea, but now that he's replaced Mauricio Pochettino (after a stint with Manchester United), those comments have come to bite him in the rear.

And notably, now that Lampard is back at Stamford Bridge and helping Chelsea thrive, the midfielder made the most of the opportunity to fire back at Mourinho for those comments that really hurt him back in the day:

“At the time I didn’t feel it was quite right, I have to say that. It was directly after the match and sometimes the emotions of the match can affect the comment or type of comment. The bigger picture on that one for me is the love story or not is probably always decided by the fans and the club. It has proven now I am here managing the club but even then I think a lot of people understood how I felt about Chelsea, always did, always will do, regardless of the year at Manchester City. I have got no problem with that.

I think it was more a comment made in the emotions after the match. I think the reaction of me going to Manchester City, which was something I was concerned about after 13 years here. I wondered at 36 whether a year there was something I should take on because of what I feel about this club.

And then my professional head, the challenge of it and the period I had where I wasn’t going to be playing before going to New York FC, all came together and made me take a decision which was quite tough at the time. But to see then the feeling I got from the Chelsea fans on that day was an emotional thing for me and it hasn’t stopped from that day," Lampard told the media, as quoted by Mundo Deportivo.

Mourinho has never hesitated to make controversial comments about his players and that's one of the main reasons why he always makes enemies wherever he goes, so it'll be interesting to see how his tenure at North London will pan out.