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Former United Legend Opened Up About Gareth Bale's Potential Move To Old Trafford

Gareth Bale

According to former Manchester United star Teddy Sheringham, Gareth Bale should really consider a move out of Real Madrid in the summer, as he's just not going to "win the war" with Zinedine Zidane.

The Welshman has mightily struggled to establish himself for Los Blancos this season and his future is still up in the air, with Madrid trying to get rid of him, but him reluctant to give up on his dream of becoming the team's biggest star.

Therefore, Sheringham advised the winger to just call it a day and try to take his career back from the ground with a move back to the English Premier League, more specifically Manchester United:

“Zidane has come in and has said in not so many words: ‘I want to get rid of Gareth Bale’. If the manager doesn't bring him on as one his three substitutes when Real Madrid are losing, he's basically saying ‘I want Gareth Bale to go’. Gareth Bale will be saying what a lot of the Manchester United players will say this season, with a cigar in his mouth sitting in the corner of the dressing room: ‘Well, give me my money and I'll go then, otherwise I'm not going anywhere because I signed a long-term contract’. I don't think it is a war that Gareth Bale is going to win. If I came in to contact with Gareth Bale and had to give him some advice, I would say: ‘Get yourself out of there. Don't worry about the £30 million that you're meant to be earning over the next two years. You will enjoy your life a lot more if you get out of Real Madrid and play football for a club that you want to play for and that's going to love you’," Sheringham told Betstars.

Bale was once considered as one of the world's most talented wingers, but he's failed to step up since Cristiano Ronaldo left the team before the start of this season, and getting Manchester United back to the UEFA Champions League would be great to prove that he's not done yet and is still one of the best players in Europe.