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Gareth Bale Slams Real Madrid's Supporters And Knows Things Will Get Worse


Even though it looks like Gareth Bale was going to be on the move in the summer, the Welshman eventually stayed put at Santiago Bernabeu, starting for Zinedine Zidane's team after he claimed he'd rather see him leave.

Bale faced a lot of criticism all year long and Madrid had agreed to transfer him to the Chinese Superleague, but Marco Asensio's injury forced Zidane to swallow his words and give him another chance.

However, Bale is not satisfied with the way he's been treated by Madrid's supporters and officials, and opened up about his frustration and unhappiness at Santiago Bernabeu:

"I understand I was made more of a scapegoat than most - I take it with a pinch of salt even though maybe it's not all fully fair. Towards the end of last season was difficult, there is no denying that, not just for me but for the team. I wouldn't say I'm playing happy, but I'm playing. When I'm playing I am professional and I am always giving all I can, whether that be for club or country," Bale told Sky Sports.

Moreover, he didn't sound optimistic at all when talking about his future with the club, as he claimed things could only get worse from now on after speaking out on his situation:

"I'm sure there'll be plenty more turbulence, to be honest. I suppose it is something you will have to speak to Real Madrid about and it's between me and them, and we will have to come to some sort of conclusion," he added.

Nonetheless, Bale dismissed the talk about this being the hardest time of his career, claiming he knows he'll be rewarded for all the hard work he's put on to be in shape.

"Coming back to pre-season, I just kept my head down and I know there was a lot of talk, with people saying the good, bad, or whatever they wanted. It wasn't the worst time of my career. It has been not ideal, but I know how to deal with it and it's about keeping your head down. You get rewarded with the work you put in and I've started the season well and did a good pre-season, even if that hasn't been the case with the number of games," he concluded.

So far, he's been one of Real Madrid's lone bright spots of the season, scoring a couple of goals and handing out 1 assist in 3 caps for Los Blancos.