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Gary Neville Destroys Manchester United's Alexis Sanchez, Claims He Needs To Go


It's safe to say the Alexis Sanchez experiment at Manchester United has been an abysmal failure, with the Chilean struggling to live up to the expectations and perform as he did during his stint at North London.

The forward has only scored 5 goals and handed out 9 assists in 45 caps for Manchester United since arriving to Old Trafford in 2018, and he's also struggled to stay healthy for most of his tenure with the team.

Sanchez has been in and out of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's rotation and it's clear the Norwegian doesn't want him to stay on the team, and former Red Devil Gary Neville's words about him did little to ease the situation:

“I welcomed him coming to the club as he's a tenacious forward that plays across the line and scores goals. But it's been a disaster. I have no idea what's happened. There must be two of him. The one that played for Arsenal and Barcelona and then the one that's turned up in Manchester. They need to get him out of the club. Romelu Lukaku didn't want to be there. It's a phased transition at the club. There's four or five that don't want to be there – he (Solskjaer) needs to get rid of a couple this year and a couple more next year," Neville told Sky Sports.

Sanchez has been linked with a move to Internazionale, where he'd join his former teammate Romelu Lukaku and come back to the Italian Serie A after thriving at Udinese before joining FC Barcelona.

As for United, Neville went on to address their situation with a lot of optimism, claiming the team isn't ready to dominate as of yet but knowing they're setting the grounds for something bigger in the future:

“I like this team a lot more. I look at the team and they all want to be at the club - perhaps Paul Pogba has aspirations to leave the club and play elsewhere. But he's settled down. It's a team that's got energy and youth - I like it. It's not slow or boring. They are having a go. It needs two or three senior additions that will make them really good but if that team can grow together. They are not going to take over City in the next 12-18 months but when Pep Guardiola leaves City and if Liverpool don't recruit as well as they have done, then Manchester United must be ready to pounce. And if this develops, they've got a big chance of doing something in two years' time," Neville concluded.