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Gerard Pique Has A Bizarre Invitation For Real Madrid's Florentino Perez


Gerard Pique has always been quite vocal about his dislike for Real Madrid and everything they stand for, but it seems like the Catalan icon is ready to move on from the rivalry.

Thing is, Pique's investment company Kosmos made a huge investment in the Copa Davis, so he's now one of the main figures around the prestigious tennis tournament.

And, when asked about whether he'd invite Real Madrid's president Florentino Perez or even some Atletico de Madrid players to a Copa Davis match, the center-back didn't hesitate a single second to welcome them with open arms:

"Of course I will invite him, one thing is football and another one is tennis, I will invite all the Real Madrid and Atletico players to join the show.

You have to separate one thing and the other, one thing is when we are involved in football and rivalry and other things is to look from outside, and I am sure Madrid and Atletico players will want to see Rafa Nadal and the Spanish team trying to win their sixth title," Pique told Tennis World USA.

There have been a lot of concerns regarding Pique's presence and involvement in the tournament, considering he's not much of a familiar face in the tennis environment and hasn't been around for long. Still, he vowed to do whatever it takes to take the Copa Davis to the top of the tennis scene:

"I approached tennis with respect and humility, with 24 hours and seven days a week of commitment. It's the project of my life and I think we are in a good way. With Barcelona I play and train all days, but as soon as I have two or three free days like now I take a flight to be in New York," the Catalan concluded.