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Gerard Pique Says He's Tired Of Barcelona's Critics

Credit: FC Barcelona Noticia

Credit: FC Barcelona Noticia

Even though Barcelona have thrived in La Liga over the last five years, it looks like Catalan supporters are far from satisfied with the way Ernesto Valverde's team has performed this season.

Barcelona fans have always been harsh critics of Valverde's tactics and aren't shy to let everybody know a piece of their mind, booing and jeering in their stadium.

That's why Gerard Pique has reportedly grown sick and tired of so much criticism, especially considering all they've given the fans along the years:

"We have won the last two league titles, we are the leaders in La Liga and in the Champions League and the criticisms we are receiving are excessive. Can we play better? Of course, but there is still a lot of the season left. Barca is the least result-focused team in the world. It's not enough to win, the fans have made that clear. We have to win playing well and it's true that right now we are not at the level that we should be," the Spanish center-back told El Partidazo de COPE.

Moreover, newcomer Antoine Griezmann has also been heavily criticized lately, as the former Atletico striker has gone scoreless 5 times in a row now and patience is running out at Camp Nou.

However, Pique had Griezmann's back and claimed he's really collaborative in the defensive end, and that it's normal to see his numbers take a dip now that he's no longer his team's lone star:

"He always succeeded with Real Sociedad and Atletico, but it is true that he has come to a team, Barca, which does not play for him. In that sense, he has to know how to find his space, but he will find it because he has a lot of talent. I particularly value how much he helps us in defensive tasks," he concluded.

Barcelona must win the UEFA Champions League this season to put their doubters at ease, and they've done an outstanding job in the Group Stage so far, sitting at the top of the table ahead of Borussia Dortmund, Internazionale and Slavia Prague.