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BREAKING: Gianluigi Buffon Agrees To Epic Juventus Comeback

Gianluigi Buffon

Some things just aren't meant to be, and iconic players deciding to play elsewhere may look quite strange for those diehard fans that have embraced them, rooted for them, supported them, and cherished since day one at their respective teams.

One of those players has to be Gianluigi Buffon, who immediately became a Juventus legend when he made it to the team, staying there for 17 full seasons and even helping them through their darkest days in the Serie B.

Buffon eventually shook the entire world when he announced that he was bound to leave Juventus to join Paris Saint-Germain on a 1-year-deal, something that, obviously, was quite an unbearable thought for most fans.

And now, gladly for most Juventus supporters, it looks like Buffon has decided to make a comeback to the place he should've never left in the first place.

According to Gianluca di Marzio, the mythical goalkeeper is bound to join Maurizio Sarri's team on a 1-year-deal, which might as well be his very last season as a professional goalie.

Buffon is a living legend and is definitely going to be welcomed back with their arms wide open at Turin, and he could really take some pressure off of Wojciech Szczesny's shoulders.

That being said, Buffon is unlikely to enter the year as Sarri's starting goalkeeper and he's most likely to be featured exclusively in Coppa Italia matchups, but Juventus supporters will have the chance to watch him go at it one more time before calling it a day.

Moreover, it looks like Buffon may not be the only former Juventus standout to come back this season, as the team is reportedly set to outbid any team in the world - including Real Madrid - for Paul Pogba, who wants to get out of Old Trafford in this upcoming transfer window.