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Glen Johnson Claims Chelsea's Transfer Ban Was Great For Them

(via Diario AS)

(via Diario AS)

Several months ago, Chelsea were served a tough transfer ban by FIFA, after an investigation found some irregularities about the way they've dealt with the signing of underage players throughout the last couple of years.

Therefore, the Blues were unable to make any signings during the summer transfer window, and everybody thought they'd struggle to get by in the English Premier League this season.

However, the Blues have thrived so far thanks to academy players that have stepped up and played like veterans, so former Blue Glen Johnson thinks that transfer ban was actually a blessing in disguise:

“When I was there it was totally different, it was when Roman Abramovich was buying all the best players in the world, the younger players didn’t really get a look in. It was a totally different era, every big name came through the door but I’m pleasantly surprised to see how well the kids are doing now. They’ve had to give the kids a chance, though, because they lost their best player and the transfer situation. They’ve all stood up and have performed brilliantly and Chelsea had talent they probably didn’t know they had six months ago," Johnson told Express Sport.

Moreover, Frank Lampard also deserves a lot of credit, as he took over after Maurizio Sarri came back to Italy and put the team in a position to win, making a lot of tactical adjustments and giving the young players a chance to prove their worth.

Notably, Johnson wasn't surprised to see Lampard pursue a career in coaching, even though he admitted that he was shocked to find out that he'd be taking the reins at Chelsea so quickly:

“Yeah he always had that coaching instinct, after games, talking to coaches, speaking tactics so I always thought he’d be a manager one day, definitely. I was surprised he was given the Chelsea job so soon but I thought he was definitely destined for it in the future. Having said that, it was the perfect time for him because of the transfer ban and they would have to give somebody time anyway, so it’s great to see him getting the job done," Johnson concluded.

Now, Chelsea are sitting at the third spot of the English Premier League, tied with Leicester City and trailing Liverpool by 8 points, so what seemed to be a huge disgrace ended up being a blessing for the Blues.