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Granit Xhaka Takes A Major Shot At Patrice Evra, Fuels Another Controversy

Credit: Sky Sports

Credit: Sky Sports

Things haven't gone well for Unai Emery's Arsenal to start the year, and their latest outing against recently-promoted Sheffield United was a prime example of that.

The Gunners took a huge loss on the road at the hands of Sheffield, falling to the 5th spot of the Premier League table and trailing Chelsea and Leicester City by a couple of points.

Hence, Patrice Evra, a former Manchester United legend turned TV analyst, made the most of the opportunity to take a huge shot at Unai Emery's squad, calling them 'babies':

“I used to call them my babies 10 years ago and they still are when I look at them. That’s the truth, and I’m not being disrespectful when I say that. It’s just the feeling I get with this team. They look pretty, they look good, but they don’t look like a winning team, they just like playing good football," he said (via Sky Sports).

Naturally, Arsenal's captain Granit Xhaka didn't take those comments lightly, and, faithful to his heated nature, didn't hesitate to hit back at the French legend, urging him to stop talking about 'bullsh#t":

“I have a lot of respect for him because he was a great player, but you have to be careful what you say. He knows these situations well, but it’s not only him. A lot of people speak a lot of bullsh#t and it’s always the same. We have to stop talking about bullsh#t like this.

I’m sorry to say that, but for me, it’s the same whether you play at home or away – you have to win and show big character and not look for the same excuse. For me, it’s strange because they have been in the same situation as us – maybe it was sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but, like I said, if you speak bullsh#t like this every weekend, then what they say doesn’t get respected,” he answered.

The Gunners must turn things around fast after spending a lot of money in the summer to go back to the UEFA Champions League, so Xhaka needs to lead by example and put their doubters at ease by delivering on the pitch.