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Barcelona Legend Xavi Claims Antoine Griezmann Could Be A Problem For The Team


Antoine Griezmann is the guy everybody's talking about right now, as, just a couple of months after claiming that he didn't want to leave Atletico Madrid, he's changed his mind and is ready to take a step forward on his career.

And with Barcelona bound to make a move for the talented Frenchman, Griezmann has become Atleti's latest villain, even after all he's done for the club since coming along from Real Sociedad.

However, Barcelona legend Xavi isn't quite sure about a move to Camp Nou, as he claims it could be a problem for him and the club after he openly rejected the Catalans less than a year ago, and he may not be the most popular guy in Barca's locker room next summer:

“I understand it hurt what he did last summer. If the reason for the rejection (from Barcelona players) was only a footballing issue, I’d speak with the dressing room to make them see he’s a player who can bring something. We have to see, however, who is signing him? The sporting director? (Ernesto) Valverde? The president? If I came to Barca I would ask for the signings, and if the dressing room doesn’t agree with any of them, I’d speak with them, but in the end, I decide. Be it Griezmann or whoever. Another thing would be if the coach doesn’t want him either. Then we have a problem," Xavi told Sport.

There's no denying of Griezmann's incredible talent up front and Barcelona are desperately craving new faces after subpar performances from Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele, with Luis Suarez also set to turn 33 years old in January.

Griezmann's desire to win the UEFA Champions League is pushing him towards the exit, but he better be careful before putting himself on a position he's going to regret.