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How Cult Movie GOAL Has Helped Newcastle In The Transfer Market

(via NUFC)

(via NUFC)

Many people underestimate the power of art in our lives and that’s more visible when we talk about movies. The seventh art is one of the most powerful weapons on earth to send a message and this time football and cinema have merged.

Iconic movie GOAL was big when it first came out, but even nowadays it’s still helping Newcastle United in the transfer market 15 years after its release, making a big case for the best football movie of all time.

Since its release in 2005, GOAL has served as a secret weapon when it comes to convincing players to move to Tyneside.

Current midfielder Isaac Hayden has previously revealed Santiago Munez, the main character of the motion and his rise to stardom was one of his favorite movies when growing up.

He told the Northern Echo back in 2016:

"I loved it. I was a mad keen football fan, I watched it all the time, and of course St James' Park featured heavily in it.

"I remember thinking, 'Wow, that must be a great place to play and score goals'.

"I suppose I've always felt a connection with the club ever since. I don't know the last time I watched the film, but those memories stuck."

"Now I can say I've scored a goal at the same end as Santiago!"

Besides, former striker Papiss Cisse once said 'it makes people want to play for Newcastle' after watching the movie on DVD following his arrival in 2012.

Other players who watched the movie are Jonas Gutierrez and Islam Slimani, who had seen the film as teenagers in Argentina and Algeria respectively.

This movie has a cult status and seeing the good things it’s done for Newcastle, his popularity will keep increasing in the future.