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Jadon Sancho Revealed Marco Reus' Cruel Warning About Borussia Dortmund

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Jadon Sancho has taken the Bundesliga for assault, earning a secure spot in Borussia Dortmund's starting XI and even being called up by England's national team.

However, the talented forward isn't satisfied yet and he won't take any day off, especially knowing that there are so many players waiting in line to have their chance at Dortmund.

That's why he recently revealed that one of the reasons why he's always so motivated to work hard is because Marco Reus has warned him about losing his spot on the team's starting XI:

“The players at Dortmund give me loads of advice because they’re so experienced. Marco Reus is a great player and he keeps telling me that I need to keep working hard in training because someone can take your place at any time," the youngster told The Independent.

Sancho knows he can go back to the bottom of the bench in the blink of an eye if he doesn't work hard enough, so he won't leave anything to chances:

“I really listen to that because I believe what he says. There’s always someone below you who wants to take your position. If you work hard week in and week out it makes it hard for them to get picked instead of you. Soccer's very competitive and you can’t afford to slacken off," he added.

Sancho has really matured since his days at Manchester City's academy, and he thanks moving abroad for that, claiming it's a life-changing experience that really helps you put things in perspective.

“Moving abroad is different for individuals and it depends on their personality. My situation is that I’ve always been away from home since I was 11. It’s about how you handle situations by yourself. There’ll be many days when it’s difficult. It’s not for everyone. But it’s a good option. You’ve just got to make sure you get the decisions right if you do make the move," he concluded.

Now, he's on every major team's radar and he's likely going to be on the move next summer, so he better keeps on the hard work and extra motivation.