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Jamie Carragher Claims Salah And Mane Haven't Liked Each Other For Months


Thanks to their lethal scoring and fast-paced offense, Liverpool have become the most terrifying club in the world over the last couple of years, as you know they'll keep on pressuring and challenging your full-backs with their top-notch speed.

However, it looks like there have been some troubles in paradise for quite some time, as Sadio Mane's tantrum due to Mo Salah's selfishness looked like a sign of a deeper issue in their locker room.

And, according to Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, both superstars haven't been in the same page for months, although he claimed Jurgen Klopp has surely addressed the situation with them:

“The more issues fester, the more you are parking the problem for a later date. The disagreement earlier this season between Liverpool strikers Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah comes into the same category. There is no way Mane lost his head solely because he did not receive a few passes against Burnley. His frustration will have been gathering for months, ensuring it only needed a trigger to bring it into the open. Jurgen Klopp is not a manager who allows his players to dwell on any negative issue so I strongly suspect he will have discussed it with both players," Carragher said in The Telegraph.

Mane and Salah have assembled a flawless trio upfront with Roberto Firmino and it looks like they've clicked perfectly in the pitch, but it may be just a matter of time before their personalities clash again, as per Carragher:

“So long as these disagreements are isolated and issues swiftly resolved they do not cause a problem. Where managers do become wary is if cliques form, sides are taken and personalities clash to such an extreme it becomes detrimental to the unity and spirit within the camp. The Liverpool managers I worked under would never let that happen," he concluded.