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Jurgen Klopp Blasts German Translator For Misquoting Jordan Henderson

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

More often than not, media tend to create stories that aren't really there, especially when things get lost in translation, as a misunderstanding can lead to a whole narrative that can really change the way people think about a given team or player.

Hence, it's normal to see a coach protect his pupils when they're talking to the press, especially if they know they're being misquoted on purpose and that can lead to some controversy.

That's exactly what happened when a German translator claimed Jordan Henderson said Liverpool would 'go easy' vs. Salzburg for their UEFA Champions League clash, causing Jurgen Klopp to lose his composure and correct him right in front of the cameras:

"It's s**t when next to the translator sits a coach who speaks German. The question was if the Champions League title from the last year helps us because we have always delivered in situations like this.

He (Jordan Henderson) doesn't talk about going easy in this game. We are aware of this challenge. He is speaking about all this normal stuff. You should really listen. Otherwise, I can do it by myself. It's not too difficult," Klopp said in perfect German during the press conference, as quoted by Goal.

Then, speaking in English once again, the German boss joked by saying "I am in a competition mood already, I can tell you," but he was clearly upset about the translator's poor work ethic.

Liverpool are currently sitting at the top of their Group in the UEFA Champions League and still have a tough stretch ahead with the CWC, Carabao Cup and English Premier League race ahead.

So it would be normal to see the Reds 'go easy' on their visit to Salzburg as they look to keep their players fresh and healthy for the key part of the season, but just don't say that in front of Klopp.