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Jurgen Klopp Opens Up About Liverpool's Epic Comeback Vs. Barcelona

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Jurgen Klopp was recently chosen as the best coach in the world, after leading Liverpool to their first UEFA Champions League trophy in 14 years and taking them to the top of European soccer.

One of Klopp's defining moments as a soccer mastermind came during last season's UCL semifinals, when his team hosted Barcelona at Anfield following a 3-0 loss at Camp Nou.

Liverpool ended up taking the Catalans down 4-0 at home and then took care of business vs. Tottenham, beating them 2-0 to clinch their 6th UCL trophy ever.

Hence, Klopp finally opened up about what he thought and felt ahead of his team's clash with Barcelona, during a recent interview with FIFA's official website:

"The victory against Barcelona. It was an outstanding moment for sure. A lot of experts, myself probably included, wouldn't have bet money on us. Because being 3-0 down against a team with Messi, Suarez and all those players looks like a death sentence. We didn't believe we'd win, we just knew we had a chance, and we believed in that chance. It was massive. The support we had in the stadium. Looking back, we could say we won the Champions League in that game. All of us will remember it forever," an excited Klopp claimed.

Moreover, he admitted that he wasn't sure about their chances, but had plenty of confidence in his squad, even though the team was shorthanded due to injuries:

"I said (to the team) 'I normally wouldn't think it's possible, but because it's you, we have a chance'. That was exactly what I thought and what I felt. And from the first minute, we were literally all over Barcelona. And at that moment, I thought 'we are ready at least', and it's very difficult to cope with a team like us and the atmosphere in the stadium in moments like this," he concluded.

There's no doubt this epic comeback will go down as one of the most iconic moments in sports history, and a prime example of why you may never underestimate the heart of a champion.