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Lionel Messi Shows Massive Respect For Cristiano Ronaldo Amid 'The Best' Controversy


Lionel Messi made it back to the top of the world, winning 'The Best' award after watching Cristiano Ronaldo and Luka Modric take it home over the last three years.

However, his triumph didn't come shy of controversies, as there was a lot of talk about the fact that Ronaldo decided to skip the ceremony to stay at home nursing an injury.

Hence, Messi was alone in the spotlight for most of the evening and had to answer a couple of questions about his never-ending rivalry with CR7, explaining why they're getting along so well now that they're not rivals for El Clasico:

“Because of the big sporting rivalry that’s developed between us over the last few years, because one of us played for Barcelona and the other for (Real) Madrid, and because we won individual awards. People perhaps think the rivalry goes beyond soccer, but it doesn’t.We both want what’s best for our teams and neither of us like losing. It’s something we don’t accept. That’s why there’s that competitiveness between us. The important thing is that it stays there, out on the pitch," Messi told FIFA after the ceremony.

Moreover, the Argentinean went on to discuss his goals for this upcoming campaign, and said it's been long enough since the last time he took the UEFA Champions League trophy home, adding that he's also looking forward to joining his national team again for the Copa America 2020:

“It’s been four years since we’ve won the Champions League and we really want to win it again.nWe know, though, that if we don’t do the job day in day out, then we won’t make it. And as for the Copa America, I’m really looking forward to having the opportunity to go for it yet again. I’m really excited about this year’s Copa," Messi concluded.