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Liverpool Fans Have Theory On Who Will Be The Club's Next Boss

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Jurgen Klopp has signed a new contract with Liverpool, extending his stay at Anfield Road through 2024. This is great news for the Reds supporters, but they have already started to think what will happen after the German calls it time with the Premier League side.

An hour before Liverpool announced Klopp’s new deal, Steven Gerrard and Rangers did the same. The curious thing here is that both deals will expire in the same year. This has led to plenty of speculation, with Liverpool fans suggesting this is all part of a plan for Gerrard to replace Klopp at Liverpool in five years.

Steve G’s contract was set to expire in 2022, so was Klopp’s, and they’ve both extended for the exact same amount of time on the exact same day. Say what you want, but it surely makes you think. This has gone around on social media in recent hours, as it looks like a perfect assembled plan.

After his contract extension was announced, Gerrard said:

“When Dave King approached me about the possibility of extending my contract with Rangers, it was a very easy decision to make because I’m very happy and feel that we are building something special together at the club.

“I’d like to thank the board for the backing they have given me already in my time at the club and also most importantly, the Rangers fans who have given me and the team such tremendous backing both this season and last.”

Meanwhile, Klopp said:

“This club is in such a good place, I couldn’t contemplate leaving.”

Time will tell what’s going to happen with these two, but right now things look very promising for Liverpool.