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Liverpool Fans Slam Manchester City, Pep Guardiola As Raheem Sterling Dives During UCL Match

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

How the tables have turned for Liverpool and Manchester City, as the Sky Blues have received a lot of criticism for Raheem Sterling’s action during Wednesday’s Champions League match against Atalanta.

Liverpool fans are fuming to see Sterling diving to get a penalty for City just days after Pep Guardiola accused Reds star Sadio Mane of being a diver.

It’s mandatory to say that Sterling has been known for these types of actions, a lot more than Mane will ever be. Perhaps Pep was just adding some spice to the upcoming match between the Citizens and the Reds. City are six points behind Liverpool in the Premier League table, so any help they can get to enter their rival's mind will be well received.

Still, life came at the Sky Blues fast as Sterling made a fool of himself and of his boss’ comments with this poor piece of playacting. City and Liverpool will face each other this Sunday and one expects this game to be one to remember after all this build-up.