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Liverpool Legend Jamie Carragher Roasts Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Predicts He'll Be Sacked

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looked like he was poised for a long tenure in charge of Manchester United, stepping up for Jose Mourinho following his departure from Old Trafford.

The Norweigan boss hit the ground running and the Red Devils look ready to resurge, but now, the team is once again struggling to find their best rhythm and go back to the top of the English Premier League table.

Thus, Liverpool legend and TV pundit Jamie Carragher was merciless when talking about Solskjaer, claiming he looks like an interim manager, and that the team hasn't exactly flourished under his command:

"Solskjaer’s record since taking the job permanently is poor. He has won just six of his 18 games in charge since being appointed full-time, losing eight. Since knocking out Paris Saint-Germain in last year’s Champions League - the match which sealed Solskjaer’s position - United are averaging less than a goal a game, scoring 18 in their last 20 fixtures. They have not won away in seven games," Carragher claimed in The Telegraph.

Moreover, the former defender said Manchester United fans are reluctant to give him a hard time because they love him from his time with the club and otherwise they would be asking for his head already:

“Let’s be honest. There is an understandable reluctance from United supporters, ex-players or anyone with a love or affiliation to the club to admit the coach is not performing at the required level for a club of such stature. Solskjaer is not liked by United fans. He is loved.

It is too difficult for many to bring themselves to point the finger at him in the way they did David Moyes, Louis van Gaal or Jose Mourinho, who were detached emotionally as they had no previous links to Old Trafford. When results were poor under them they were held accountable and there was little sympathy," he added.

Carragher went on to state that Solskjaer is not suited for this job and is only holding the fort until an elite manager becomes available and agrees to take over at Manchester United:

“To me, Solskjaer still resembles an interim manager - in place to clear the dressing room of expensive, underperforming names and put the spine of a team together for his successor. In my view, he will never lead United to a Premier League title or win the Champions League because even if he achieves the goal of restoring stability, I believe he will be replaced by an established, elite coach.

It may not be in his nature, but that is why it has reached the stage where it would be wise of Solskjaer to help himself more by putting pressure on those above to make more signings during the January transfer window as he may not be in charge for another one. He should also take a firm decision by immediately appointing Harry Maguire captain," Carragher concluded.