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Liverpool Legend Opens Up About Potential Coutinho Comeback


It looks like Jurgen Klopp is more than comfortable with the team he's put together, with Liverpool winning the UEFA Champions League and being extremely quiet to start the summer.

However, most Liverpool supporters feel as if the team has laid back and slept on some new signings, including former standout Steve Nicol, one of the team's most vocal enthusiasts.

The Scottish legend thinks the team should be looking to bring in more talent and he'd be more than willing to welcome back Philippe Coutinho amid the rumors of a potential move out of Barcelona this summer, as reported by ESPN FC:

“I’ve been banging on and complaining about re-signing (Divock) Origi because the levels drop when he’s on the pitch. Somebody like Coutinho would be perfect. The ideal situation for Liverpool is to have four guys - (Mo) Salah, (Roberto) Firmino, (Sadio) Mane and Coutinho. Then you’ve got to pick three of them. Coutinho, he did previously play as one of the three, so he could play there. It’s ideal for Liverpool to have somebody who - if they weren’t starting - could be brought on and the levels don’t drop.”

Still, Nicol acknowledged the fact that the team is going to need role-players as they go through a long season with a lot of tournaments, but claimed the team shouldn't waste money on subpar players:

“Right now, because of where Liverpool are, it’s not a case of going out and just signing anybody. They have to be careful, they have to make sure they sign the right ones. Now I will say that I think they’ve made a bad start by re-signing Divock Origi. But I guess there will be a time where they do need numbers in the League Cup, your FA Cup. But no, I’m not panicking yet," Nicol concluded.