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Liverpool Legend Shuts Down Georginio Wijnaldum's Exit Talk

(Credit: Bleacher Report)

(Credit: Bleacher Report)

Since arriving at Liverpool in 2016 from Newcastle, Georginio Wijnaldum has become a major reason why the Reds have been so successful.

His versatility and ability to play everywhere on the center of the pitch have provided Jurgen Klopp with a huge wild-card to prepare for any matchup the team has to face.

However, there have been some recent rumors claiming the team isn't interested in offering him a new contract and wouldn't mind seeing him leave once it runs out.

That's why former Liverpool great Steve Nicol spoke up to shut down that narrative, claiming it just didn't make any sense at all:

“The suggestion is that they’re not going to offer him a new contract. That makes no sense whatsoever. He’s been a huge part of the success of Liverpool over the last 18 months to two years. I would suggest this is absolutely crazy," Nicol told ESPN FC.

Moreover, Nicol claimed the only way they could let him walk away is by bringing something else on board. Also, he reassured that it made no sense that they weren't going to offer him a new deal because that way they wouldn't be getting any money in return:

“If you’re going to let him leave, that means you’re going to have to bring someone in better than him which is great news for Liverpool fans. If you’re bringing in someone better than him then yes please, thank you very much. But you’re also going to give him a contract because you’re not going to let him go for free because he’s definitely going to bring in money from 90 percent of the teams in the world. Will he leave? I don’t think he’s leaving anytime soon," Nicol concluded.

Wijnaldum has become a consistent part of Klopp's starting XI and has also come off the bench early when he's been on the bench, so he's not likely to be unpleased with his role with the Reds either.