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Liverpool Urged To Sign Two Star Strikers To Replace Mohamed Salah

(via Premier League)

(via Premier League)

Although Liverpool count with one of the most dangerous front lines in football, the Reds can still improve, and, according to former Premier League striker-turned-pundit Darren Bent, they can do it in a great way.

Liverpool have a huge 22-point advantage over second-ranked Manchester City and most people believe it’s only a matter of time before they finally lifted the Premier League trophy for the first time ever.

It would be hard to say what moves they can do to improve this already powerful squad, but Bent had very audacious advice for them.

According to the former England international, the Reds should sell Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah and replace him with someone like Kylian Mbappe or Jadon Sancho.

“Listen, we know he scores a lot of goals and he is a top, top player. Two Golden Boots, Player of the Season, Champions League winner, about to be a Premier League winner, the accolades are there,” Bent told talkSPORT.

“But when you look at his general play to say someone like Mane, I’d have to say Mane’s been better than him.

“He may score more goals than Mane, but Mane’s work-rate for the team, he’s unselfish, always looks for others first, he’ll get his fair share of goals. So you can’t sell Mane, he’s so important.

“Firmino, we know he doesn’t score that many goals, but he’s the glue, he links it all together. His hold-up play is arguably one of the best in the league. He brings players in, holds on to the ball, he’s fantastic.

“So you look at Salah, yes he does score all these goals, but is he really complementing Mane and Firmino or is he looking for more goals?

“I’ve seen certain situations this season where he should pass it, but he’s shot, and you can see the frustration starting to build.

“It’s not about selling him and getting £100million and that’s it, but if you can replace him with an Mbappe or someone like a Jadon Sancho, I think it’s worth thinking about.”

It’s hard to see Liverpool making these moves, but Bent’s got a point about how this ambitious project could benefit the club. Salah is great, he’s a terrific scorer, but the former striker is right about his work-rate compared to Mane and Firmino’s.