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Luis Suarez Denies Pique's Comments About Barcelona Players Wanting Neymar

Credit: EFE

Credit: EFE

A couple of weeks ago, Gerard Pique claimed Barcelona players talked to Barcelona officials to adjust their contracts so they could make a run at Neymar Jr, saying they would've been willing to take less money to make the numbers work for the Blaugrana:

"We didn't stump up the money. What we said to the president was whether we could change our contracts because we knew there was a Financial Fair Play issue... so we said to the president, rather than earn something in year one, we could earn it in year two or three or four," Pique said back then.

However, now Luis Suarez has completely denied that report, stating Pique is good with words and says a lot of things, but that everybody knew the players had nothing to do with Neymar's situation.

"Sometimes you have to take what Geri says with a pinch of salt. He has the gift of the gab and a lot of experience in making comments. In this case, he knows and is completely aware that the players were completely removed from the Ney case. We were ready to welcome him - him or any other player that wants to come - but always distanced from what was going on," Suarez told Sport.

Moreover, there were several reports claiming Barcelona players - and mostly Lionel Messi - were unfazed by Antoine Griezmann and didn't want the club to sign him, but Suarez once again denied those rumors and claimed he's been welcomed with open arms at Camp Nou.

"Sometimes things are misunderstood. Both Leo and I and Geri himself welcomed him a year earlier, said he was a great player and was one of the best in the world. He came from being world champion and we already praised him.

Then we didn't know what was going to happen to him, we weren't sure he was coming this year. We treat him as one more. It is also true that some have more affinity with some partners than others; in his case he gets along very well with the French players.", Suarez concluded.