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Manchester United Legend Calls Mason Greenwood's Finishing 'A Joke'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

After Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford impressed Manchester United supporters, now Mason Greenwood has stepped forward as the team's longterm hope for the future.

The youngster has scored in back-to-back outings and looks confident enough to be given a bigger role in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team despite his tender age.

However, former Manchester United player Andy Cole thinks the team should be cautious with the way they handle the 17-year-old, as he feels the team should've waited a bit longer before throwing him out there and they should've bought another striker instead of rushing their youngsters:

“He's got a chance, he has got a chance. His finishing is a joke. Left or right foot, he's got quality in abundance. I just hope they don't – which Manchester United won't do anyway – that they don't put too much undue pressure on him. He's got a great ability. They (Manchester United) are looking at it and saying 'We've got Mason, we're going to give Marcus (Rashford) the opportunity to play center-forward.

The disappointing thing is he's going to have to get thrown into the deep end a little bit earlier than they would have liked. (That's) due to injuries and due to them being prepared to allow (Romelu) Lukaku and (Alexis) Sanchez go. Ideally, it would have been nice if they bought themselves another center-forward," Cole told BBC Radio 5 Live when asked about Greenwood.

The young man has earned a lot of praise lately and even Solskjaer claimed that he'd consider calling him up for some Premier League action in the future, although he admitted he's still quite young to be a regular on his starting XI:

"He's proven when he's been on the pitch in the last two games he started that, when you get him in the box, he's dangerous. What's pleased me about him in the period that we're in is he doesn’t turn down chances to finish. He's not 18 yet but keeps trusting himself. He gets the chances so we're not worried about that at all. But we can't just throw him in the deep end all the time. He's proved in those games he's ready for it. Now, Premier League... I'll have the weekend to think about it," Solskjaer concluded.