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Manchester United Legend Has A Huge Challenge For Struggling Marcus Rashford

(Credit: Sky Sports)

(Credit: Sky Sports)

Just a couple of seasons ago, everybody thought Marcus Rashford was going to be Manchester United's newest threat upfront, the guy that could be Wayne Rooney's successor and carry his torch.

However, his goal-scoring has cooled off and he's faced a lot of criticism lately, proving that he's a talented forward, but not necessarily a game-changing talent or a natural center-forward.

That's why former United legend Andy Cole went on to challenge him to change his style of play to try and be more like Roberto Firmino or Sergio Aguero, the two best strikers in the English Premier League, according to him:

"I want to see from Marcus, I know the two are totally different players but if you're going to play that position, I want to see Aguero. I want to see Firmino. That's what I want to see. If you look at those two guys playing as a number nine, when I watch them, I get excited watching them. Aguero for me, and I keep saying it, is the best center-forward in the Premier League.

I love this movement, I love that he just wants to get in the box, I want to score goals, I don't care what it is, header, tap-in, I'm going to do it and I know what I'm going to do. Firmino for Liverpool, he brings people into the game, he sets people up but I'm still going to get in and get my fair share as well. I look at those two and I say to myself I just love watching you two play center-forward. Marcus has got to learn off those kinds of individuals," Cole told BBC Radio 5 Live.

Even Gareth Southgate seemed to take a shot at Rashford's struggles in the center of the box lately, so he better turns things around quickly before he starts losing even more confidence.

So far, he's netted three scores to start the season, but two of them have come from the penalty spot. Still, he's got a lot of talent and is young enough to still have a great career, but United should consider adding more firepower upfront if they want to win right now.