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Manchester United News: Victor Lindelof Shakes Off Jose Mourinho Criticism


Even though Jose Mourinho was sacked by Manchester United, that hasn't stopped him from continue to be hard on his former players and publically criticize them.

So, after Manchester United were beaten 2-0 by West Ham, 'The Chosen One' went on record to claim Victor Lindelof could be easily 'bullied' by his opponents and isn't good in the air.

Ironically, it was Jose Mourinho the one who ask for Lindelof when he was still playing at Benfica, and he was under his command for one season and a half before his departure.

Hence, the Swedish defender looked unfazed by his former boss' comments, and admitted that there are always going to be critics when you play for a club like Manchester United:

"For me, it has never been a problem, I'm a very easy guy. There is always going to be someone talking or someone else. When you play for this club there is always going to be people criticizing you and the way you play. For me, it has never been a problem, even when I play good there is someone criticizing me for something. It's part of the job, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'm just trying to do my thing and I don't focus on those things If you are playing for Manchester United (critics) is part of it. If you do not perform you hear about it, it's quite normal,"Lindelof told Sky Sports.

Solskjaer's team has struggled in both sides of the ball and pointing the finger solely at Lindelof for their defensive woes wouldn't be fair for the 25-year-old.

Still, it's clear that the Red Devils need new elite players if they intend to compete with clubs like Liverpool, Manchester City, and Tottenham, yet they refused to make any big-name signings in the summer.