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Manchester United News: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Opens The Door For Premier League Return


Zlatan Ibrahimovic made it to Old Trafford with high praise and his tenure with Manchester United got off to a terrific start, but injuries and age took their toll on his ability to make an impact with the team.

Also, Romelu Lukaku's presence and Marcus Rashford's surge eventually paved the way for Zlatan to take his talents to the MLS, where he's thrived as LA Galaxy's ultimate leader.

However, given his great recent shape, he acknowledged the fact that he could still dominate in the Old Continent, as he claimed after scoring a couple of goals during his team's clash vs. Los Angeles FC. Then, he jokingly claimed he had already done his job there.

"I could play easily in the Premier League, so if United needs me, I’m here. But Galaxy has me, so I’m sorry. Nah, I did my job in Europe. I enjoyed it, I have 33 trophies that I brought with me here and hopefully, I can get something here. And then we will see where that adventure finishes," Ibrahimovic told the media, as quoted by Sky Sports.

The Swedish striker left the team in very good terms and he admitted that he's still rooting for them and even watches their matches every now and then, including their heartbreaking loss at home vs. Crystal Palace.

"I saw (Manchester United's) last game and I think they were unlucky. If they score the penalty, it’s a different game but a game in England is not finished until its finished. Anything can happen, especially in the last minutes where everything is in the heat of the moment," he added.

Moreover, he claimed he's in touch with Paul Pogba over his transfer situation and even admitted to having given him some advice about his future:

"I speak with him," he said. "A lot of advice I give – but nothing I share with you!" Zlatan concluded.