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More Drama: Paul Pogba Insults Racists Amid Twitter Feud Controversy

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba was the victim of racist insults and slander for missing a penalty vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers on Monday during Manchester United's 1-1 tie.

Hundreds of angry Manchester United supporters took on to Twitter to let Pogba know a piece of their minds with racists jeers and insults towards the World Champion.

Notably, Twitter vowed to meet with United's officials to crack down the racist insults and take actions against the sickening comments and abuse against Pogba.

"We have always maintained an open and healthy dialogue with our partners in this space, but we know we need to do more to protect our users. Racist behavior has no place on our platform and we strongly condemn it.

To this end, we look forward to working more closely with our partners to develop shared solutions together. In the meantime, for Twitter's part, we will continue to proactively monitor the conversation, and take aggressive enforcement action when content violates our rules," a spokesman from Twitter told Sky Sports News.

Pogba, on the other hand, finally broke the silence over this terrible incident, calling out 'ignorant' racists and claiming those hateful comments have only made him stronger.

"My ancestors and my parents suffered for my generation to be free today, to work, to take the bus, to play football. Racist insults are ignorance and can only make me stronger and motivate me to fight for the next generation," Pogba wrote on his Twitter account.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United's boss, also stepped up to defend the midfielder after Marcus Rashford, Harry Maguire and several people from the EPL showed their support for Pogba.

“We need to stop it, it needs to stop. I’m just lost for words if it keeps going. We keep having all these campaigns and they keep hiding behind fake identities. It’s crazy that we talk about this in 2019," Solskjaer told the media.

Racism and hate have no place in the world, especially in sports. Hopefully, this kind of incident helps us all get closer together and Twitter sets a precedent to finally put an end to this sickening practice.