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Manchester United To Pursue Paulo Dybala Amid Romelu Lukaku's Departure


Paulo Dybala's tenure at Juventus hasn't gone as good as he first expected when he completed a move from Palermo a couple of seasons ago when he looked poised for stardom as one of the world's most promising goal-scorers.

The Argentinean is significantly talented but he's seen his playing time take a major dip as months go by, and Cristiano Ronaldo's presence did little to ease his struggles.

Dybala's lack of rhythm has also taken a toll on his chance of starting for his national team, so it looks like a change of environment is due for the 25-year-old.

So, now that Manchester United is likely going to lose Romelu Lukaku to Internazionale, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has turned his head to Dybala, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The report also claims the Bianconeri would only consider a bid on the £70m-£90m range, as they still have faith in the Argentinean despite his recent woes.

The striker has been tied with a move out of the team for some time now, with FC Barcelona, Internazionale and Real Madrid allegedly interested in his services, but no formal bid was ever submitted.

Moreover, if Manchester United wind up losing Paul Pogba at the hands of Real Madrid, they would have more than enough cash to spare on Dybala.

Pairing him with Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford would put Solskjaer's project in a prime position to contend in the English Premier League for many years to come, as the three of them are versatile players that could play as a striker or near the sidelines, similar to what Jurgen Klopp has built for his Liverpool squad.

However, the Red Devils are unlikely to pull the trigger on Dybala unless they've already accepted a bid for Lukaku's services. Otherwise, Dybala's likely to stay put and try to earn his playing time under Maurizio Sarri's tutelage.