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Mario Balotelli Claims He Doesn't Care About Cristiano Ronaldo


Finally back in his homeland after a failed stint with AC Milan in 2016, Mario Balotelli is already giving the press a lot of headlines amid his return.

The controversial striker hasn't played since May 24, his last outing with French club Olympique Marseille, and struggled to find much attention in the summer market.

Balotelli eventually signed a deal with Brescia, a low-tier Italian club looking to avoid relegation that was willing to take a gamble on the troublemaker.

And right out of the gate, Supermario made it clear that he's quite unfazed by the fact that his first outing will be against no other than Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus:

"Does it excite me to play against (Ronaldo)? I really don't care. He is a great champion, he is the best in the world with Messi. It is nice to play against him but I do not get excited. I will try to score goals, as in all the other matches I play," the Italian striker told the press, as reported by 90xtra.

Balotelli's talent has never been put in doubt, but his lack of commitment and poor work ethic have caused him a lot of trouble throughout his career.

However, the former Manchester City striker claims he's worked his tail off this summer and that he's in the best shape of his career, even though he admitted that it may take some time before he's back at his best:

"I feel comfortable. In the last month and a half, I have worked more than I did in the last 10 years of my career. I don't care about who (I'm playing), I care only about playing and feeling good. It is normal that I won't have the rhythm of the game just yet - because I've only played two friendlies so far and you can only find the rhythm by playing. But one thing is certain, in terms of my weight and shape, I've never been like this. The last time I weighed this amount I played for Manchester City and I was 20 years old," he added.

Balotelli is well aware of the fact that this may be his last chance to be taken seriously and be called for the Italian national team again, and the 29-year-old looked extra motivated to get his career back on track ahead of the upcoming Euro:

"My goal is (to be in the Euro). But now I can't think about it. My personal wish is for it to be a great tournament for me and the team. I just have to work to get back to my best form, at 200 percent, as soon as possible," he concluded.