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Mauricio Pochettino Claims Contract Disputes Won’t Affect His Team Selection

Mauricio Pochettino Claims Contract Disputes Won’t Affect His Team Selection

Mauricio Pochettino has stated that the ongoing contract situation with some of his players won’t make any difference in his squad selection. Christian Eriksen, Toby Aldwerweireld and Jan Vertonghen have all three entered the last year of their current contract with Tottenham, while their future remains unclear as a new Premier League season sees the light.

The European transfer window is still open, and the trio of stars could leave the club in the upcoming weeks, but Poch doesn’t look too worried about that situation. According to the Evening Standard, he made it clear that any dispute between the players and the club’s hierarchy won’t affect his team selection.

Moreover, when Pochettino was asked why Eriksen came off the bench against Aston Villa in the Premier League opener, he replied (via The Daily Mail):

"Only 11 players can start. I am happy last week how Christian did and his performance in training.

"For me, it is the same if a player has a year or five years. The selection is not because of the length of the contract, it is about the performance. I will take the decision based on the performance, not the contract or personal situations."

Then, when he was asked if he had any information on Eriksen and his future, he added:

"I do not know.

"My point is to help and support all the players until they decide to take a different way in their career. And show respect to all.

"Sometimes it is difficult to understand outside of the club that respect means respect, if the player plays or does not play.

"One thing is my decision but that human relationship cannot be based on if you play or not play. The most important thing is to respect the person first, and then to take your professional decision. Your decision cannot affect your personal relationship."

Eriksen has stated his desire to go, as well as Alderweireld, who was believed to be making his way to Manchester United this offseason, while Vertonghen recently claimed he doesn’t know if he’s going to stay with the team after his contract is finished.

As Poch said, he has to use the best players he has available, and whether or not these guys end up leaving the club, they still will have the support of the Argentinian boss.