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Mauricio Pochettino Drops Hints About His Future Following Tottenham's UCL Loss

Mauricio Pochettino Drops Hints About His Future Following Tottenham's UCL Loss

Tottenham landed in Madrid to play the first Champions League Finals in the team’s history against Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool. Albeit the game was expected to be electrifying seeing how both teams had played in their prior encounters in the season, none of that happened, as the game was pretty regular and very bad in the eye of many.

In the end, it was Liverpool who took the W and the title home with a 2-0 final scoreboard. The Reds scored the first goal thanks to a penalty called on Moussa Sissoko after a cross from Sadio Mane found his arm on the way down Spurs’ area; Mohamed Salah sent a missile that Hugo Lloris couldn’t stop before Joel Matip took advantage of a series of rebound nearby Tottenham’s area, pass the ball to Divock Origi and the Belgian winger put definite numbers on the score on second half.

It was a hurtful and disappointing loss for Tottenham, who lost the control of the game within the first two minutes with that penalty kick. In the following 88 minutes and more, they tried to get close to Liverpool’s area, but all their attempts weren’t good enough to break Alison’s wall. After that, many people criticized the team and his coach, Mauricio Pochettino for the way he managed and the lack of vertigo the team faced throughout the entire game.

However, the Argentinian boss has made clear he wants his rematch in the big game following the loss of his team at Wanda Metropolitano. He took some time to talk with BT Sports on Saturday night and stated he wants to live that again.

"When you live this experience you want it again. You want to repeat. It's the best situation in the best game in the world after the World Cup. I hope we can repeat in the future."

Asked if he would be staying at Spurs, he said:

"Always it's about trying, about believing, about ensuring it can happen again as soon as possible."

Perhaps we will be seeing Tottenham playing another Champions League Finals next season since the Spurs are able to start signing players once again. If this year they managed to land to the UCL biggest game without any signing in the last two transfer windows, things are very likely to get better for them if they can maintain Poch as their manager and add some good players to improve their level.